College students’ Before and After laughter session comments


University students’ Before and After laughter session comments

“Feeling pretty good right now” to… “Noticing my breathing and mental relaxation”

“Slight headache” to… “Feel relaxed and like I had a light cardio workout. Head feels better”

“Lack of muscle relaxation is in part due to shoulder tension. Stress and discomfort in group settings.” To…drawing of a sun and heart

“I am excited for this activity but very sore and tired” to… “My mind feels relaxed and clearer. I feel more ready for the day”

“Slept well, feel pretty good. Always stressed about school these days” to… “As much relaxed as energized. Balanced”

“I am tired, but ready for my day to start!” to… “I feel very relaxed and focused. My muscles feel relaxed”

“Went on a run this morning and did not sleep well last night. Pretty tired overall.” to… “Very much enjoyed! Laughing helped me to relax and wake up!”

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